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Welcome To More Leads, Faster!

Our promise to you is easy. We will make you more money. That is it, no fancy explanations or great speeches. If you are looking into expand your business and receive more leads, faster, we are the right company for you! We are a nationwide SEO and Internet Marketing agency specialized in giving measurable results in short periods of time, with no excuses and 100% guaranteed results.

Your White Glove Service With 100% Guaranteed Results!

What domain to buy, where to host it, email services, web design, web programming, SEO, SEM, PPC, positioning, traffic, conversion, etc.etc. We will take care of everything for, everything, from generating the leads, to tracking them and reporting everymonth. You do not have to worry about anything at all. We make sure you are totally focus on dealing with the leads and making sales, we deal with the technical and lead generation part. The best part all our services are 100% guaranteed or we will work for free until they work. No risk for you and a true win win situation.

Monthly Submissions to Google,
Bing and Yahoo

We make sure that indexed content is always fresh. Additionally, we create weekly articles that are published across relevant channels. Keep in mind, Google, Bing and Yahoo seeks out new and changed content. In the search engine world, static content is not active content.

Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Local Engines

Directory references and reviews: Whether your company appears in local searches has to do with your location, ad relevance, keywords and reviews. Whether your company targets a local market or is nationwide, local searches entail a large part of the searches looking for you and its important to get on the map. Equally important as local map visibility, positive reviews are solid gold. Global networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are a key element in positioning your company in the right place.

Analytics, Statistics And Reporting

Analyzing and studying your site’s positioning, traffic, convertion and maintaining it’s position on Google, Yahoo and Bing are ongoing efforts. We will enable you to view your site traffic, teach you what to look for and how to gauge results of your campaigns, and we will work with you hand in hand throughout the process.

Site Maps And Search Engine Submissions

Google and Yahoo have specific requirements for sitemap submission. This sitemap is distinct from the sitemap posted on many sites as a table of contents. Queen B Marketing will submit properly formatted xml site maps for your site to all major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Searchable Vocabulary Insertion

A few years ago, SEO consisted of using keywords many times in your copy to create relevancy. Of course, as soon as this became standard practice Google changed their algorithms. Good relevant copy doesn’t just work with keywords anymore. Google now pays close attention to the use of your vocabulary. Other SEO companies typically don’t take the time to work properly with your vocabulary. For example if your company was in the chair business and sold chairs online, most likely you would also talk to your customer about chair seats, chair legs and materials that your chairs were constructed from. Google knows this and is looking for the relevant vocabulary for your niche. Points are assigned for vocabulary. Our specialized research tools will help us tell you what vocabulary your site needs to contain in order to be successful.

HTML, Code Review and W3C Compliance

Improperly formatted code equals a bad page as far as Google, Bing and Yahoo is concerned. Errors can be very costly to ranking and positioning. This can get pretty technical. All you need to know is that you’re in good hands! Our programmers are experts and meticulous in their coding and review to help you be in full compliance and have a smooth sailing all the way to the first page of the search engines..

Relevant Image Titling and Referencing

Google, Bing And Yahoo will validate images and image titles to make sure content is relevant. Remember, Google’s mission is to provide the most useful content to its users. Other SEO companies incorrectly name images in an effort to raise ranking. Although this works temporarily in some cases, eventually Google will knock a page down in ranks due to improperly titled images. Knowing how to treat your content is key to the success in ranking you high with the search engines.

How We Make You More Money?

We will make sure that your product or service is presented to your possible customer exactly when they are looking for it, in the right way so the are compelled to do business with you and not your competitors. We make you more money, faster because we focus all our attention in leads and results, meaning more money for you…and not in technical details that nobody really cares about.

Your NEW 24/7/365, No Excuses, Lead Generation Machine!

What Should You Do? Local Or Nationwide Internet Marketing?

In the Internet world local markets and nationwide are connected. The only true way to have a nationwide presence is by having a strong local internet blue print first. After all the leads and all marketing is always local. We develop custom strategies design to fulfill the unique needs of your organization regardless of the size. When thinking about internet marketing you should always market local and have a nationwide expansion strategy in place to be able to grow your lead count and presence on the internet.

Relevant Incoming Links That Bring Leads

The good kind, not link farm links like “other SEO companies”. Today, Social Media is just as important to your website’s vitality as SEO. Queen B Marketing will develop a strategy for relevant social media content and publish it out across distinct channels, resulting in relevant traffic being driven to your site. We will educate you about the importance of mixed media messaging and how to achieve quick and concrete results.

We create and publish media across pertinent sites that link back to your page, making your page stronger for Google. Google places high importance on relevant and pertinent incoming links. We will generate almost every kind of media imaginable and disperse it through the internet. Our production team will create articles and videos that people will want to talk about. Just imagine, people could be posting your company video on their facebook page, viewing your advertising on YouTube, and tweeting about how funny your online commercial was. This will drive traffic to your site, position you as a market expert, and create valuable incoming links that work with Google page ranking algorithms, and wow your customers!

PPC Campaigns

If you are currently running a PPC campaign with either Google or Yahoo we can help you analyze your current campaign and the competition in your market and create a list of the best key words for maximum impact in your market. Understanding the most effective disbursement of your PPC dollars is critical to success in the pay per click arena. If you are not currently running a PPC campaign but would like to consider it as part of your marketing initiatives, we can help you analyze your market, and decide if a PPC campaign will be cost effective for you in lead generation.

Meta Tags and Relevant Key-wording

Queen B Marketing will examine your site’s meta tags, keywords and make sure you have included the best, most relevant keywords for your market using our state of the art research tools. You will be optimized to be found exactly the way is really looking for your product or service.